Exclusive Showroom Event: Meet the ORA Funky Cat by GWM ORA

Exclusive Showroom Event: Meet the ORA Funky Cat

Standing out with its retro-futuristic design and all-electric sustainability, the GWM ORA Funky Cat was voted best in its class for a reason, and we’re offering you the chance to find out why at our exclusive Test Drive Event! 

Running from 11-14 August at GWM ORA South West, this exclusive test drive event is not just an opportunity to see the ORA Funky Cat up close, but to hop behind the wheel and  discover its character and innovation first hand.

The ORA Funky Cat celebrates engineering with its combination of sleek curves and striking contours, and GWM ORA’s commitment to a greener future is highlighted by the car’s powerhouse of efficient technology and performance. This means that not only is the ORA Funky Cat a stylish route into the EV market, but an exciting one too.


With a battery range of 193 miles and impressive performance, this award-winning car already has a reputation in the UK, and our Test Drive Event is your chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

Meet with our Sales Team to ask any questions about the car, enjoy a tour inside and out, and hop behind the wheel to drive it yourself. 

Use our sign up form below to register your interest in the event and book a test drive, or get in touch with the GWM ORA South West team at info@gwm-orasouthwest.co.uk to ask any questions.

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