Free charging credits worth £612 for the first 20 BYD South West customers

Claim over a year’s worth of free charges when you purchase any BYD model

BYD South West are excited to offer our first 20 customers free charging credits worth up to £612, courtesy of Shell Recharge.

The first 20 BYD South West customers to purchase any of our New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) will receive exclusive access to a pre-paid Shell Recharge Card.

You can enjoy free charging at any of the 500,000 Shell Recharge Network stations across Europe or any of the 7,000 ubitricity chargers in the UK.

The pre-paid card will expire on 31 December 2024, meaning you have the potential to claim over a year’s worth of free charging.

To be eligible, customers must apply the discount by activating the card through the Shell Recharge App before 1 September 2024.

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BYD ATTO 3 in the BYD South West showroom.

Discounted charging for BYD South West customers with Shell Recharge

BYD South West customers can also take advantage of a future discount with Shell Recharge once they have reached their £612 pre-paid limit.

Shell Recharge members can claim a discount of 15p per kWh on all Shell-operated DC chargers 50kW and above.

There are no membership fees to worry about. As a BYD South West customer, you can claim a free membership with no subscription costs for the first year.

BYD South West are excited to offer a range of financing options on the latest BYD models, including the ATTO 3 and DOLPHIN.

Terms and conditions apply*

*Terms and conditions

With the purchase of a BYD vehicle at one of the selected dealers, customers will get a Shell Recharge x BYD charge card. This charge card provides customers with a promotional discount of £0.15 discount per kWh on the Shell Recharge owned and operated DC charging network.

The Promotion will be available to a Customer for one (1) year from the date on which it is activated, subject to the Promotion Period. Customers can choose to extend this for an additional year, with a maximum of two renewals within two consecutive years. The Promotion can be activated at any time during the Promotion Period, however, to achieve the full 3 years benefit the Promotion must be activated by the 1st June 2026.

The discount only applies when the Shell Recharge x BYD charge card or the Shell Recharge app with the Shell Recharge x BYD charge card connected are used for the charging transaction. All DC chargers that are not owned and operated by Shell Recharge as well as all AC chargers in the public charging network are excluded from the discount but will be available at the regular price.

In case the usage of a Customer exceeds more than five (5) times the average usage of Customer, Shell Recharge Solutions has the right to prematurely end the Promotion.

To be eligible for this promotion, Customers need to be located in the United Kingdom and have a Shell Recharge x BYD charge card.

The Promotion is available from 00.00 GMT on 1st June 2023 until 23.59 GMT on 31st of May 2029.

Customers do not need to activate the Promotion, but customers will need to activate the charge card. All active Shell Recharge x BYD charge cards automatically receive the discounted price at the selected charge points.

Discounted charging rates not available until pre-paid £612 Charge Card limit has been reached or expired.

Offer not available to Motability customers.

BYD South West customers will receive their Shell Recharge Card during their vehicle handover.

First 20 customers refers to the first 20 orders placed, not the first 20 vehicles delivered.

Read the full terms and conditions.

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