Introducing BYD South West

Bringing the world’s best-selling electric vehicles to the South West

BYD South West is a dedicated dealership based in Exeter for the world’s leading New Energy Vehicles (NEV) manufacturer, Build Your Dreams.

Build Your Dreams, or BYD for short, are Chinese car manufacturer and battery technology pioneers.

BYD South West are committed to providing the most competitive prices on the latest BYD models, including the ATTO 3, the Dolphin and the soon-to-be-released SEAL, which will hit the UK in late 2023.

About BYD South West

BYD South West is the latest franchise dealership to join the City West Country Group.

The City West Country Group are a local family-run automotive business that can list Mercedes-Benz South West, smart, GWM ORA, and Tangelo among their list of successful franchises.

Located at Stratford House on Marsh Barton, the BYD South West dealership and service centres are positioned in the hub of Europe’s biggest collection of retail showrooms, promising a cleaner, more efficient motoring option for local consumers.

With test drives available to book and multiple financing methods for both personal and business customers, the BYD South West team are ready to support customers in finding sustainable and cost-effective mobility solutions.

Introducing BYD

While only recently moving into the UK market, BYD have been pioneers in the electric battery technology sector for some time, with 27 years of experience under their belts.

Founded back in February 1995, BYD have played a pivotal role in manufacturing renewable electronic products, spanning multiple industries including mobile phones, automotive and rail transport.

Across worldwide markets, BYD have go on to establish themselves as one of the most popular electric car manufacturers. In 2022 alone, they were named the world’s best-selling EV producer, selling over 1.8 million cars.

At the heart of that success is their industry-leading Blade Battery technology, which offers enhanced safety having passed new levels of penetration tests.

With optimised space utilisation, the Blade Battery can deliver longer ranges and sustain a longer lifecycle.

An ambition to cool the Earth

BYD’s ambition goes above and beyond building fantastic electric cars, they want to leave a lasting impression on the planet.

BYD are aiming to cool the earth by 1° and have committed to numerous projects that will allow them to lower congestion and remove pollution to help them on their way.

As a brand, they are determined to continue finding solutions that solve the planet’s biggest challenges, with electric mobility at the forefront of that.

Get started with BYD South West

Our team will be excited to welcome you into our state-of-the-art Exeter dealership, where you can get behind the wheel of brand-new BYD models to experience a new era of electric mobility for yourself.

Choose from several financing options to find the method that matches your circumstances.

With outright purchase, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP), as well as cost-effective business mobility solutions, our ability to offer flexible financing methods allows us to find the right deal for you.  

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