15 Quirky Puns

15 quirky puns to help brighten your day

They say laughter is the best medicine, and what better way to lighten the mood than with a dose of punny humor?

Puns are a delightful play on words that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

So, whether you’re a pun aficionado or just looking for a good chuckle, here are 15 quirky puns guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

1. What did the grape say when it got crushed? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

2. I was going to tell you a pizza joke, but it's too cheesy.

3. Somebody stole all my lamps and I couldn't be more de-lighted.

4. I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me.

5. Why do cats like to lie on computers? To keep an eye on the mouse.

6. I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

7. What do you call pasta with no money? Penne-less.

8. Why did the rabbit skip school? It was having a bad hare day.

9. What do you do with chemists when they die? Barium.

10. What’s a cat’s favourite colour? Purrple.

11. Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.

12. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.

13. The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

14. When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar.

15. Dad, can you tell me what a solar eclipse is? No sun.

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