City West Country Group launch BYD South West with Exeter Dealership

A new era of electric vehicles in the South West as BYD arrive with Exeter dealership

Chinese automotive giant, BYD, are opening a brand new dealership in the South West, in the heart of Marsh Barton’s agglomerate of retail showrooms.

BYD South West will be backed by local automotive powerhouse City West Country Group, who can count Mercedes-Benz South West, smart, Tangelo and GWM ORA among their list of successful franchises.

The Exeter dealership will open its doors on 1st August 2023 at Waterbridge Court, where customers will have the opportunity to test drive the BYD ATTO 3.

Exterior mock-up images of the BYD South West office.

Introducing BYD South West

Discussing the launch of BYD South West, City West Country Managing Director, Mike Wickins, commented, “We’re immensely proud that BYD UK has chosen Exeter and City West Country to begin their venture into the South West.

“The City West Country group is a growing eco-system of retail motoring in the region, with market-leading facilities that cater for all aspects, including short-term hire, servicing as well as used car buying and selling.”

The excitement was shared by Simon Bisp, Head of Sales at BYD UK, who added, “BYD are delighted to begin our partnership with City West Country in Exeter. As a family-run business with many years history of successfully delivering an exceptional customer experience, and values totally aligned with our own, they were an obvious choice to help us introduce the BYD brand to customers in the South West. 

“As the world leader for sales of New Energy Vehicles (full electric and plug-in hybrid), we are excited to launch our stunning range of vehicles in the UK – and thrilled to be working with City West Country to do so.”


About BYD

BYD – an acronym for ‘Build Your Dreams’ – are the world’s best-selling EV manufacturer, selling over 1.8 million vehicles in 2022.

Their premium line-up includes the ATTO 3, a stylish SUV with a 261-mile range, the SEAL, an executive saloon to rival the likes of Tesla, as well as the DOLPHIN, a practical hatchback.


A pioneering name in the battery industry, BYD’s Blade Battery powers many of the Tesla vehicles we see on our roads and other forms of electric transportation. With improved space utilisation and a longer life span, the Blade Battery promises new levels of durability and performance.

BYD have an ambition to cool the earth by 1˚ C through the electrification of public transport and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Their arrival in the South West represents a greener and more efficient motoring choice in the region.

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