EURO 2024 fixtures

When and where are the EURO 24 matches taking place?

With the EUROs 2024 beginning in just a few days, we thought we’d share the EURO 24 fixtures with you.

14th June

Group A: Germany vs Scotland (Munich, 21:00)

15th June

A: Hungary vs Switzerland (Cologne, 15:00)

B: Spain vs Croatia (Berlin, 18:00)

B: Italy vs Albania (Dortmund, 21:00)

16th June

D: Poland vs Netherlands (Hamburg, 15:00)

C: Slovenia vs Denmark (Stuttgart, 18:00)

C: Serbia vs England (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)

17th June

E: Romania vs Ukraine (Munich, 15:00)

E: Belgium vs Slovakia (Frankfurt, 18:00)

D: Austria vs France (Düsseldorf, 21:00)

EURO 2024 fixtures

18th June

F: Türkiye vs Georgia (Dortmund, 18:00)

F: Portugal vs Czechia (Leipzig, 21:00)

19th June

B: Croatia vs Albania (Hamburg, 15:00)

A: Germany vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 18:00)

A: Scotland vs Switzerland (Cologne, 21:00)

20th June

C: Slovenia vs Serbia (Munich, 15:00)

C: Denmark vs England (Frankfurt, 18:00)

B: Spain vs Italy (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)

21st June

E: Slovakia vs Ukraine (Düsseldorf, 15:00)

D: Poland vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)

D: Netherlands vs France (Leipzig, 21:00)

22nd June

F: Georgia vs Czechia (Hamburg, 15:00)

F: Türkiye vs Portugal (Dortmund, 18:00)

E: Belgium vs Romania (Cologne, 21:00)

23rd June

A: Switzerland vs Germany (Frankfurt, 21:00)

A: Scotland vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 21:00)

24th June

B: Croatia vs Italy (Leipzig, 21:00)

B: Albania vs Spain (Düsseldorf, 21:00)

25th June

D: Netherlands vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)

D: France vs Poland (Dortmund, 18:00)

C: England vs Slovenia (Cologne, 21:00)

C: Denmark vs Serbia (Munich, 21:00)

26th June

E: Slovakia vs Romania (Frankfurt, 18:00)

E: Ukraine vs Belgium (Stuttgart, 18:00)

F: Czechia vs Türkiye (Hamburg, 21:00)

F: Georgia vs Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)

27th and 28th June - Rest days

euros 2024 fixtures

The round of 16 matches

The top two teams from each group and the top three teams that finish third progress to the round of 16. 

29th June

38 2A vs 2B (Berlin, 18:00)

37 1A vs 2C (Dortmund, 21:00)

30th June

40 1C vs 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen), 18:00)

39 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Cologne, 21:00)

1st July

42 2D vs 2E (Düsseldorf, 18:00)

41 1F vs 3A/B/C (Frankfurt, 21:00)

2nd July

43 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (Munich, 18:00)

44 1D vs 2F (Leipzig), 21:00)

3rd and 4th July - Rest days

EURO 2024 quarter-finals matches

5th July

45 W39 vs W37 (Stuttgart, 18:00)

46 W41 vs W42 (Hamburg, 21:00)

6th July

48 W40 vs W38 (Düsseldorf, 18:00)

47 W43 vs W44 (Berlin, 21:00)

7th and 8th July - Rest days

euros 2024 fixtures

EURO 2024 semi-finals matches

9th July

49 W45 vs W46 (Munich, 21:00)

10th July

50 W47 vs W48 (Dortmund, 21:00)

11th, 12th, and 13th July - Rest days

EURO 2024 final

14th July

W49 vs W50 (Berlin, 21:00)

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