Debunking 6 electric vehicle myths

Are these Electric Vehicle myths or truths?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant traction over the past few years, but several myths about them persist.

Here are eight common EV myths and why they are no longer true:

Myth 1: Electric vehicles can't travel far on a single charge

Reality: Modern EVs offer ranges comparable to many ICE-powered cars.

For example, the GWM ORA 03 PRO+ can travel up to 260 miles on a single charge, and even the PURE+ offers 193 miles which is still more than enough for most people.

Additionally, battery technology is continually improving, so these ranges are likely to extend even further sometime in the future.

Myth 2: Charging an EV takes hours, making them impractical for regular use

Reality: Most of your charging will take place overnight and at home which is convenient for daily use.

However, fast-charging networks have expanded significantly, allowing EVs to recharge up to 80% of their battery in 20-50 minutes which makes long-distance travel more feasible.

You can charge the ORA 03 using a 67kW rapid charger which will take up to 48 minutes of your time to get from 15-80% charge.  

electric vehicle myths

Myth 3: Electric Vehicles are much more expensive than ICE cars

Reality: While EVs can have a higher upfront cost, prices are decreasing, and many affordable models are available.

Additionally, government incentives, lower maintenance costs, and cheaper “fueling” make EVs more cost-competitive over their lifetimes.

Myth 4: There aren't enough charging stations for EVs.

Reality: Charging infrastructure has grown rapidly. Many workplaces, shopping centres, and supermarket car parks offer charging stations, making it easier than ever to find a place to charge.

Myth 5: The environmental benefits of EVs are overstated due to battery production and electricity generation.

Reality: Numerous studies show that EVs have a smaller carbon footprint over their lifecycle compared to ICE cars, even when accounting for battery production and electricity sources.

As the grid becomes greener with more renewable energy, the environmental benefits of EVs will only continue to increase.

Myth: EV batteries degrade quickly and need to be replaced often.

Reality: Modern EV batteries are designed to last many years and advances in battery technology and management systems have significantly improved longevity and reliability.

The GWM ORA battery is covered by an eight-year warranty or 100,000 mile warranty, but again they’re expected to last much longer than this.

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