ORA 03 Driver Assistance Systems Explained

In 2022 ORA 03 was voted best in its class by Euro NCAP for Small Family Cars after achieving an impressive Five Star rating for safety. Founded in 1997,  Euro NCAP assess the safety and resilience of cars by subjecting them to real-world accident scenarios and tests. Based on the results of these tests, a safety rating between one and five stars is assigned, meaning the ORA 03 Driver Assistance Systems score doesn’t get much better!

But what makes the ORA 03 so safe? What Driver Assistance Systems are available, and what do they actually do? To answer your safety questions, we’ve explored the ORA 03’s extensive list of assists and technology included in the electric car’s comprehensive ADAS safety package.

360 Degree Camera

ORA 03’s 360-degree camera is an advanced automotive technology that uses multiple cameras positioned around the car to provide a comprehensive and real-time view of the driver’s surroundings.

The cameras capture images from various angles before a central processing unit stitches them together to create a seamless, top-down, or bird’s-eye perspective. This panoramic view is then displayed on the ORA 03’s retro-futuristic infotainment screen, enhancing the driver’s situational awareness.

What are the benefits of a 360-degree camera driver assist system?

      • Enhanced Safety: It minimizes blind spots, helping drivers detect pedestrians, cyclists, or obstacles that might be outside their normal field of vision. This feature is especially valuable for parking, lane changes, and low-speed maneuvers.

      • Easier Parking: The system aids in parking by providing a clear view of the vehicle’s proximity to obstacles, curbs, or other vehicles. It often includes guidelines or virtual markers to assist with parking precision.

      • Reduced Collision Risk: By offering a comprehensive view of the surroundings, it helps drivers avoid collisions when navigating tight spaces, making U-turns, or negotiating complex intersections.

      • Convenience: It simplifies challenging driving scenarios and reduces driver stress, making it easier to drive in congested areas or crowded car parks

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Otherwise known as Smart Cruise Control, ORA 03’s Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts the car’s speed to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead.

    Using cameras to monitor traffic conditions ahead, the system will automatically reduce the car’s speed by decelerating or even applying the brakes when a slower-moving vehicle is detected in the same lane. Once the road clears or the slower vehicle changes lanes, Smart Cruise Control will accelerate back to the pre-set cruising speed.

    Beyond the obvious safety benefits, these are some of the other safety advantages of ORA 03’s Adaptive Cruise Control:

        • Comfort: It reduces the need for constant manual speed adjustments in traffic, making long motorway drives more comfortable and less fatiguing.

        • EV Efficiency: By optimizing speed for traffic conditions, it can improve EV efficiency by avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking.

        • Convenience: Drivers can set their desired speed and following distance, allowing the system to handle speed adjustments automatically.

      Lane Keep Assist

      ORA 03’s Lane Keep Assist is the assistance feature designed to help drivers stay within their lane while driving. Using multiple cameras and sensors to monitor lane markings on the road. Lane Keep Assists detects unintentional drifting or veering out of the lane, providing corrective actions to keep the vehicle centered. The assist’s key benefits include:

          • Enhanced Safety: It helps reduce the risk of accidents caused by lane departure or unintended lane changes, especially during moments of driver distraction or fatigue.

          • Fatigue Reduction: It assists in keeping the vehicle on course, reducing the mental and physical strain on the driver during long journeys.

          • Preventing Drifting: In cases where a driver may unintentionally drift out of the lane due to drowsiness or other factors, Lane Keep Assist can provide timely corrective steering input to keep the vehicle in the lane.

          • Support in Traffic Jams: It can also be beneficial in stop-and-go traffic, helping the driver maintain lane discipline.

        Traffic Jam Assist

        GWM ORA’s Traffic Jam Assist is the driver assist feature designed to remove the stress of stop-and-go traffic by providing semi-autonomous driving capabilities in busy conditions. Combining Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist systems, Traffic Jam Assist can take over control of acceleration, braking, and steering, allowing the vehicle to maintain its lane and follow the traffic flow without constant driver intervention.

        Not only does this enhance EV efficiency and performance, but Traffic Jam Assist offers a range

            • Reduced Stress: It reduces the physical and mental strain of driving in heavy traffic, making the experience more relaxed.

            • Increased Safety: By maintaining a safe following distance and staying within the lane, it helps prevent rear-end collisions and lane-departure incidents.

            • Improved Traffic Flow: Traffic Jam Assist can help smooth traffic flow by reducing the ‘accordion effect’ caused by human drivers constantly accelerating and braking.

            • Enhanced Convenience: Drivers can focus more on other tasks like monitoring traffic conditions or engaging with in-car entertainment systems.

          Rear Traffic Cross Alert

          Of all the ORA 03 Driver Assistance Systems, its Rear Traffic Cross Alert (RTCA) assist is one of the most useful,  and is designed to enhance safety when reversing a vehicle, especially in situations where the driver’s visibility is limited. 

          The Rear Traffic Cross Alert sensors are located at the rear of the ORA 03 to monitor the area behind it. When the car is in reverse, RTCA detects approaching vehicles or pedestrians that may be crossing behind it and provides audible and visual alerts to the driver to avoid a potential collision. Its benefits include:

              • Collision Avoidance: RTCA helps prevent accidents by alerting drivers to objects or vehicles crossing their path when reversing.

              • Enhanced Safety: It provides an additional layer of safety, especially in crowded car parks or areas with poor visibility.

              • Peace of Mind: Drivers can have greater confidence in navigating tight spaces, knowing they will be alerted to potential dangers.

              • Reduced Property Damage: By preventing collisions, RTCA can help avoid costly repairs and insurance claims.

            Blind Spot Detection

            Blind Spot Detection is the driver assistance technology designed to enhance road safety by monitoring and alerting drivers to vehicles or objects in their blind spots, areas not directly visible through mirrors or peripheral vision.

            When a vehicle enters ORA 03’s blind spot, BSD activates and provides warnings to the driver through warning lights in the side mirrors. This alert prompts the driver to take care when changing lanes, reducing the risk of dangerous lane changes, and potential collisions. Other benefits include:

                • Enhanced Safety: BSD helps prevent accidents caused by inadvertent lane changes or merging into the path of another vehicle.

                • Reduced Collision Risk: By providing timely warnings, it minimizes the risk of side-swiping collisions.

                • Increased Confidence: Drivers can make lane changes and maneuvers with greater confidence, knowing they have an extra layer of safety.

                • Improved Overall Awareness: BSD contributes to a driver’s overall situational awareness, making highway driving and navigating traffic safer and more convenient.

              Emergency Braking

              ORA 03’s Emergency Braking Assist is a safety feature that helps mitigate or prevent collisions by automatically applying the brakes when a potential collision is detected.

              Using sensors to monitor the road ahead, the car identifies an imminent collision with a vehicle or obstacle, and after determining that the driver’s braking input is insufficient to avoid the crash, will intervene by applying additional braking force. The assist’s key benefits include:

                  • Collision Avoidance: It can help prevent or reduce the severity of accidents by initiating emergency braking when the driver doesn’t react in time.

                  • Safety: Protects occupants and other road users by minimizing the impact of collisions.

                  • Reduced Damage: Can prevent or mitigate damage to vehicles and property.

                  • Peace of Mind: Enhances driver confidence and peace of mind, especially in situations where quick reactions are essential.

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