Smiles For Miles: GWM ORA Servicing Explained

At GWM ORA South West we don’t just wave goodbye after handing over your new ORA 03. Instead, we make sure that our team of expert technicians are on hand whenever you need them to maintain the condition and safety of your car through GWM ORA Servicing and MOTs.

Using exclusive GWM ORA-approved parts, our team offers that all-important peace of mind for you on the open road, but what exactly is included in a GWM ORA Service? How do you book an MOT? And what are the benefits of using GWM ORA? These are all normal questions to have, which is why we’re here to answer them and walk you through your service options…  

Class-Leading Service

At GWM ORA South West we understand it’s not easy being away from your ORA 03, which is why you’ll be happy to hear that the all-electric family car offers a class-leading service interval of either two years or 18,000 miles. This means less downtime away from the car, and more time on the road!

And to offer you even more peace of mind, every single ORA 03 sold comes with a five-year free breakdown cover through ORA Mobility Assistance in association with the AA. So whether you’re stuck on the side of the road, on your driveway or anywhere in between, our team is on hand to get you back on the road.

What’s included in a GWM ORA service?

When it comes to servicing your ORA 03, before we get going our team of experts will let you know whether it’s an ‘A Service’ or ‘B Service’ you should expect, which depends on the age or mileage of the car. If the car has driven less than 20,000 miles, then it will most likely be an A Service booked, if the ORA 03 has driven more than 20,000 miles or two years have passed since the last service, a B Service is your best option.   

To best understand the condition of your ORA 03 and identify any areas of the car that need addressing, our technicians will first conduct a Visual Health Check. And to make sure you know just how well we’re treating your car, our technicians will even film the inspection so you know your buddy has been handled with care, and can approve of the work suggested by the team.

GWM ORA Servicing

The next step is quotation which has two stages. Firstly, our technicians will quote you for the price of the full inspection and the basic changes included in either the A or B Service, such as oil and filter changes. Being a more substantial check, the B Service will typically be quoted at a higher price due to the extra elements checked like brake tests and headlamp alignment.

Secondly, we’ll quote you for any additional items the team recommends adding to ensure the smooth performance and safety of the car, which again is dictated by the car’s age or mileage.

What are the benefits of GWM ORA servicing?

On top of the detailed inspection and repairs of your ORA 03, there are several benefits of using a GWM ORA Service Centre that we’re proud to offer:

    • Pre-Service Check
    • Experiences Technicians
    • Free Service Measure Updates
    • Complimentary Valet

    To find out more about the service centre benefits on offer, please just get in touch with the GWM ORA South West Service Team on 03330 343 821, our team will be happy to help.

    Book Your GWM ORA Service Today


    When it comes to booking an MOT Test for your ORA 03, you’ll be pleased to hear that as a new EV, an MOT is not legally required until the car is three years old, meaning you can enjoy the car for the first three years before having to worry about booking a test! Once those three years have passed, we’re pleased to offer a simple booking process to get your appointment in the diary.

    GWM ORA Servicing MOTs

    On the day of the appointment, our technicians will conduct the MOT test efficiently and effectively to ensure the car is compliant. If your ORA 03 fails the MOT and requires further servicing or repairs, then you don’t need to worry! Our team will offer full and detailed guidance on what work needs to be done to get your car back on the road.

    Book Your GWM ORA MOT Today

    Other services available

    At our GWM ORA South West Service Centres, the work doesn’t stop at just Servicing and MOTs! We also offer a Diagnosis Service to get to the root of any unanswered issues that have popped up around the car.

    Our Air Conditioning Service ensures that ORA 03’s climate control remains as efficient and fresh as possible, while our Antibacterial Deep Clean Upgrade offers a thorough deep clean of the car’s materials and fibres so it maintains that new car smell.

    Finally, to ensure your ORA 03 is safe and prepared for tough driving conditions through the winter, we also offer a Winter Health Check. This includes tyre and battery inspection, coolant and antifreeze top-up, windscreen wipers and lights inspection, and an oil check.

    Bumper Explained

    To help you deal with the cost of a Service or MOT, or if you encounter unexpected repairs, we’re on hand to help you spread the cost of the work. At GWM ORA South West we’re proud to be partnered with Bumper, an interest-free finance provider that helps you spread costs in 1-6 monthly instalments, up to a value of £5,000.

    Setting up a Bumper account is simple, with the application and approval process lasting no longer than a minute. To use Bumper to pay for the work on your ORA 03, simply give our team your Bumper code, and we’ll send you a link to set up a finance plan using Bumper’s secure platform. Here you can select the number of months you’d like to spread the cost over, and choose the dates that work for you.

    Book Your Service Today

    If the time for your ORA 03 Service or MOT has come, or you have some issues with the car that you’d like looking in to, then please just get in touch with our team on 03330 343821, or head to our website to book your appointment.

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