Meet the BYD South West team: Yasmin Hembery

We’d like to introduce you to Yasmin Hembery, one of our New Energy Vehicle Specialists at BYD South West.

Essentially, Yasmin’s one of our sales executives, so if you pop by the showroom for a visit, hers is one of the faces you’re likely to meet.

Yasmin brings a unique blend of enthusiasm, expertise and passion to our South West showroom, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

She embarked on her journey in the motor industry in 2016 at Mercedes-Benz South West, so she’s no stranger to the City West Country group.  

Her career then led her to Carparison, an online leasing broker also based in Marsh Barton, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience.

When the opportunity arose to join BYD earlier this year, Yasmin was not only excited but also eager to step into her first face-to-face showroom role.

Her love for the automotive world and the prospect of learning about a new brand and company from the ground up made this opportunity irresistible.

Yasmin is captivated by everything BYD represents.

Initially unaware of the company’s magnitude, she now admires the innovation and impact BYD has in the automotive industry.

As Yasmin shares, “Being part of the journey from the first BYD car arriving in the UK to now hearing about all the potential models is very exciting. I genuinely love the brand and can’t wait to grow with it.”

Yasmin Hembery, BYD South West New Energy Vehicle Specialist

A typical day for Yasmin in the showroom is nothing short of dynamic and diverse.

Working alongside her manager, Chris Tripp, and colleague, Ryan Jenner, every day is a new and exciting experience.

She takes pride in maintaining a showroom that reflects the brand’s excellence – ensuring cars are shiny, the environment is pristine, and customers are welcomed with warm smiles.

Yasmin appreciates the collaboration and camaraderie with her team, acknowledging Chris and Ryan as incredible individuals to work with.

Their shared values in presentation and creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers contribute to the positive showroom experience that we aspire to.

As Yasmin continues to immerse herself in the world of BYD, we are confident that her passion, dedication, and welcoming demeanor will play a pivotal role in achieving the aspirations we have for BYD in the vibrant South West region.

We look forward to the continued growth and success that Yasmin will undoubtedly bring to our team and brand.

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