GWM ORA: What’s new for 2024?

2023 was an exciting year for GWM ORA South West with the launch of our Sales Centre, Test Drive Centre, and Service Centre in Exeter, followed by a Test Drive Centre and Service Centre in Plymouth, as well as a Service Centre in Truro. What can we expect from GWM ORA in 2024? Take a look through our round up of what’s to come this year.

New naming strategy

At the end of 2023, GWM announced it’s new strategic brand direction for its automotive subsidiaries in Europe, with the UK market focusing initially on a new naming convention for GWM ORA models. GWM ORA’s launch model, the ORA Funky Cat will adopt a new model name in January 2024 and will be known as ‘ORA 03’ in the future with additional models following the same approach.

New models launching in 2024

It was announced in 2023, the next model to launch would be a stylish fully electric saloon. Now known as ORA 07, we expect to see this exciting new model in showrooms early this year.

The ORA 03 will also add a further edition to the range with a GT model set to hit roads in 2024 too.

New colours

GWM ORA has not shied away from bold colours when it comes to the ORA 03 with the model already available in Starry Black, Nebula Green, Aurora Green and Mars Red. In 2024 we will see new colours added to the mix with the model being available in Moonlight White and a baby blue in the near future.

Is 2024 the year you choose GWM ORA? Contact the GWM ORA South West team to talk through your requirements and book your test drive.

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