Four innovative features of the BYD ATTO 3

BYD’s first foray into the UK market, the BYD ATTO 3 is an innovative SUV offering

There’s lots to look forward to if you’re interested in a BYD ATTO 3.

Being BYD’s first car to enter the UK market, the ATTO 3 is certainly an impressive addition to the plethora of electric cars the UK has to offer. 

Promising innovation, the ATTO 3 is ladened with plenty of advanced and market-leading features, making it perfect for anyone who wants a high-performance EV, but for a lower cost.

The ATTO 3 is up against the likes of the KIA Niro and Volkswagen ID.4, both popular electric cars and from well-established brands.

Want to know what makes the ATTO 3 stand out from the crowd? Here are four innovative features of the BYD ATTO 3.

1. Ground-breaking e-Platform 3.0

The ATTO 3 is equipped with the e-Platform 3.0 which was first launched in 2021.

It provides larger cabin space and delivers outstanding advantages in safety, efficiency, intelligence and performance. Having been exclusively designed for pure electric vehicles, it’s paving the way for the next generation of intelligent electric mobility.

The Blade Battery, an 8-in-1 electric powertrain and a highly efficient heat pump all make up the e-Platform 3.0. The electric powertrain delivers 89% system efficiency, which reduces energy transfer loss, fully utilises the electric motors and brings a smooth and responsive driving experience.

The Blade Battery and heat pump mean that the ATTO 3 can work at a wider range of temperatures and manage extreme weather conditions. Its thermal efficiency even increases by 20% in winter, so you’ll never have any worries about your safety.

The e-Platform 3.0 creates a completely new body structure, giving the ATTO 3 shorter front overhangs and a longer wheelbase. This also means rear passengers get more cabin space. This streamlined body helps achieve a low drag coefficient of just 0.21 which is great for handling and acceleration, making the ATTO 3 a more efficient option.

What’s more? It also allows for the flexibility of either two-wheel or four-wheel drive.

BYD Blade Battery in the factory

2. BYD Blade Battery

One of the most innovative things about the BYD ATTO 3 is its Blade Battery.

BYD has been a pioneering name in the battery industry for over 28 years. More recently, they’ve been determined to redefine EV safety standards and have spent several years developing the Blade Battery.

And it’s certainly a game-changer.  

Having passed a series of extreme tests in rigorous conditions, the BYD Blade Battery is one of the world’s safest batteries. But what makes it so safe?

One of the biggest fears around EV batteries is about how flammable they might be in a crash. The Blade Battery is made from a raw material called lithium iron phosphate which has a number of beneficial characteristics including slow heat generation, low heat release, and non-oxygen release.

The unique flat rectangle shape also improves cooling efficiency and preheating performance, while its revolutionary honeycomb-like structure enhances its rigidity, giving it optimised strength to withstand force.

One of the safety tests the Blade Battery has undergone is the nail penetration test, which is considered one of the most extreme ways to test battery safety. This is where the battery is penetrated with a nail to stimulate an internal short circuit, which could similarly happen during a car accident.

The Blade Battery went through this test without emitting fire or smoke and its surface temperatures only reached between 30-60 degrees, proving just how safe it is.

It’s not just in terms of safety that makes the BYD Blade Battery so innovative, but the longer range and lifespan it possesses too.

Compared to traditional battery packs, the Blade Battery has over 50% more space which provides enhanced energy density and delivers longer ranges to electric cars. It also has a longer battery life with over 5000 charge and discharge cycles.

3. VtoL mobile power station function

You may have heard of bi-directional charging. BYD have something similar called VtoL.

This is the Vehicle to Load mobile power station function which allows the ATTO 3 to be transformed into a super mobile power bank.

Supporting power of up to 3.3kWh, it can accommodate most high-power electrical gadgets.

It’s perfect if you’re off camping in a remote area for the weekend and want to power your outdoor electric cooking appliances or your projector for a film night under the stars.

The VtoL feature is standard on all versions of the ATTO 3.

Finger touching the BYD ATTO 3 touchscreen

4. Rotating touchscreen display

Now this feature may not be as innovative as the other three on our list, but it’s definitely one of the most unique and eye-catching.

The ATTO 3 features a rotating touchscreen infotainment system, which measures up to 15.6 inches in size if you opt for the top of the range Design spec or 12.8 inches in Active and Comfort.

The screen can rotate between landscape and portrait, either by the touch of a button or by giving a verbal command using the voice assistant.

It has been designed to suit the display of different media and the needs of the driver. So, landscape mode might be better suited for browsing and picking your music, while portrait mode could be more useful for displaying maps to see more of the road ahead.

The touchscreen display is also available with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, making it easy for you to mirror your phone and use your favourite apps.

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