How BYD plans to cool the earth

BYD are determined to reverse the effects of climate change

BYD are not only interested in building dreams, but also building a better world for current and future generations.

They have an ambition to leave the world in a better place than how they found it. They’re relentlessly pursuing a better future for all, fighting against the effects of climate change, with electric mobility at the forefront of their mission.

As a business, and a brand, BYD is much more than just an automotive manufacturer. Using their industry-leading battery technology innovations to create a better life, this is a fight that is far greater than just electric vehicles.

What do BYD want to achieve?

Cooling the earth is easier said than done.

BYD are on a mission to drop the earth’s temperature by one Celsius.

To do this, they are working on the electrification of urban public transport, which they believe to be a key tipping point in their plans.

With the ambition of not to just reduce, but solve congestion and remove pollution, BYD are committed to improving our future by taking actions to tackle inefficient social issues.

Global temperature records were first recorded in 1880 and have been on the rise ever since. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), 2022 was the sixth warmest year on record – a worrying trend.

Since 1880, records show a 2° Fahrenheit increase in the earth’s temperature, with the rate of warming increasing twice as fast since 1981 as a result of human actions.

BYD road sign

How BYD plan to cool the earth by 1°

BYD’s ambition to cool the earth by 1 degree will see it expand into all areas of electric mobility and beyond.

As a manufacturer, its operations are as diverse as they come, including electric rail transit, renewable energy and electronics supporting their New Energy Vehicle (NEVs) line up.

Their electric mobility includes pure electric buses throughout the Netherlands, shuttle buses in Tokyo and BYD-powered buses in the United Kingdom.

Supporting its plans to electrify public transport, BYD is forging one of the most versatile and compelling line-ups of EVs on the market.

Their commercial vehicles are now in action across more than 400 cities and over 70 countries, with a global footprint that spans more than 54 countries and regions.

In August 2023, BYD became the first manufacturer in the world to have its five millionth NEV roll off the production line.

Cementing their position as the world’s leading manufacturer when it comes to electric mobility, the BYD ATTO 3 is now available in countries within Europe, South America and Asia.

What can we expect to see from BYD in the future?

BYD’s ambition is not limited to their own models, but the wider future of electric mobility.

Their e-Platform 3.0 has been designed to improve performance in safety and low-temperature driving ranges. They plan to build more efficient and smarter electric vehicles and it is only a matter of time before their technology and learnings trickles down into the wider EV market.

In fact, some already has.

Rivals like Tesla are using the BYD Blade Battery to power select Model Y vehicles being built out of their Berlin-based Gigafactory.

Tesla have become the first external manufacturer to utilise BYD’s industry-leading technology. Such recognition from a brand like Tesla within the EV space is a seismic seal of approval for BYD’s technology.

BYD Blade Battery

Creating a better world, before it’s too late

In a time where the automotive industry is shifting further towards electric mobility, BYD are going above and beyond.

Their determination to create a more sustainable planet is the driving force behind the brand, with their innovative New Energy Vehicle line-up making up a portion of their efforts.

As of October 11, 2022, BYD have avoided the emission of 14,672,117,797 kg of carbon as a result of their operations.

Figures like the ones published by the NCEI should send alarm bells ringing across the globe.

There’s a certain inevitably surrounding the rise of the earth’s temperature, but in recent decades, the arc of those rises has become uncomfortably exponential.

BYD want to be part of the solution. Do you?

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