Exeter showrooms receive state-of-the-art facelift

Following a four-month renovation, Exeter’s Mercedes-Benz showroom has received a state-of-the-art facelift. The new and improved refurbishment includes an expansion to the showroom, allowing for more room to showcase the new models. The investment into the showroom has mirrored the investment into Mercedes-Benz’s customers, to enhance the customer’s car-buying experience.

The new showroom layout includes various feature spaces to display specific Mercedes-Benz cars. There is a business area that allows customers to work should they need to, as well as a brand new refreshment area, merchandise displays, showroom audio, an interactive touch table, two 65” displays, and two video walls including audio to showcase the latest from Mercedes-Benz.

The staff offices and MOT bay have also received an upgrade, with the Class 7 MOT bay now including a 5.7-metre ramp, meaning there isn’t a car that can’t receive an MOT at Mercedes-Benz South West. The extended ramp allows the technicians to MOT larger vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz GLSMercedes-Benz Vito, and Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo.

Mike Wickins, Managing Director of City West Country, said: “The recent facelift of our showroom has mirrored the creative processes of our car manufacturers, incorporating what the Mercedes-Benz brand is all about. With this in mind, we are thrilled to be able to welcome customers to our new hospitality area, where they will receive the Mercedes-Benz standard of service from our talented Star Experts in our top-of-the-range showroom.”

GWM ORA Showroom

Adjacent to the Mercedes-Benz showroom is the new GWM ORA South West showroom, which has also undergone a renovation. The refurbishment included an expansion from 50 square foot to 200 square foot. The extended showroom boasts a display of the newest cars, and a hospitality area.

Also included in the facelift is the smart display area, where the latest smart models will be displayed. This has coincided opportunely with the release of the new smart #1, and the inbound smart #3.

From Friday 9th to Monday 12th February, the showrooms will be hosting an exclusive Showroom Launch event, offering guests a tour of the new showrooms, locally-sourced food and beverages, new car offers, the opportunity to speak with our skilled technicians, and model showcases.

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